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There are changes afoot (a-paw?!) at Bear Wallow Books. After 40 years in Indiana, headquarters has moved to Providence, Rhode Island. Our address is now 22 Parsonage Street, Ste 284, Providence, RI 02903. And there will be a new voice answering your phone calls and email: Anne Wolfe. Anne is the eldest daughter of Tom and Linda, and bought the family business. The phone, fax, and email will remain the same. And you will still see Linda at trade shows! 


Cookbooks • Historical Books

Since 1978, Bear Wallow Books has published books that help tell the story of America through recipes, stories, and images. 

As American as Shoofly Pie!

Charming historical images evoke the past. Historical notes provide the stories and the origins behind traditional North American recipes. Recipes have been adapted to modern cooking methods, and use readily available ingredients. 

Bear Wallow Books are available at history museum gift shops, state and national park gift shops, farm markets and specialty retailers throughout the United States. For information on carrying Bear Wallow Books, please visit our wholesale page.

Our books about life in America's early years include Travel By Rail and Travel By Water: Changing Lives in Early America. 

Our books are proudly printed in the USA using soy inks.


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Another great place to visit and find Bear Wallow Books - the Shoshone Museum - near Death Valley California